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Mythology and Monsters with Krisztina Lazar

Mythology and Monsters is an exploration of the creatures that reside in our collective unconscious and what exactly is a “monster.” Visionary art doesn’t often contain these beings and beasts unless it is categorized in the darker visionary genre.

But monsters are so much more than merely nightmarish. They often hold the poles between the terrifying and the sublime, containing both ends of the spectrum depending on how you look at them. There can be a place for the monstrous even in the most light focused practice.  

After the lecture, each participant envisions their own personal monster that they work with for the rest of the workshop. Just like the grand naturalist exploration expeditions of old, you sketch your monster not just as a whole, but document their unique attributes.

As Visionary Biologists, you draw how many eyes your monster has, what their claws look like and how they use them, discover what their natural habitat is like and what their primary diet in the wild is, and take notes about their feeding, mating, sleeping habits,  just to name a few examples.

This class playfully explores the intersection between beauty and terror, the awe-inspiring and the depths of cosmic horror.

This class is pre-recorded so you can watch at your own pace.