Slow, Steady, Sensual - Eclipse Journey with Megan May

Saturday, April 30, 2022 Megan May offers an eclipse journey during maximum totality. Enter into a group field of ceremonious connection to your body, the solar-lunar dance of eclipse season, and your intentions for riding the wave of the stellar cycle as you deepen into your art practice and your life-is-art praxis.  Eclipse Season returns each year in relation to the nodal axis of the moon. In 2022 the sun and moon are dancing around the north node in Taurus and south node in Scorpio.  As the first eclipse of the 2022 season, the April 30th new moon and partial solar eclipse opens the portal of the next several months. As it corresponds with Beltane and the depths of spring it is a beautiful opportunity to connect with the corresponding earth codes and refine personal intentions and daily practices to optimize the characteristics of Taurus: steadfast building, tending the earth and the sensual earth of your body, and defining and clarifying your values for coherent alignment with your vision of New Earth.  A short lesson on the eclipse energies and how to work with them, including dates and energetics of the subsequent 2022 eclipses will serve as a prelude to an embodied, visionary meditation journey. We will use the clarifying depth of the moon phase to shift into alignment with what is in service to your Higher-Hearts Vision beings of great potential. This will be an embodied and practical approach to divining along with the celestial bodies of grace and fortune.

$33.00 USD