We are so excited to share our fall lineup after taking almost a year off from producing live online classes!

These offerings are going to not only be great fun for you, but well rounded additions to the courses we already have available.

Every course can be registered for independently, and most also have payment plans available to make these accessible for most. 


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October 7th, November 3rd and December 2nd, 2023 

In this exclusive Masterclass review series, you'll gain invaluable insights into Amanda's techniques, inspirations, and creative process. Amanda Sage's mastery of blending traditional and contemporary art forms has captivated audiences worldwide, and now you have the chance to learn directly from her.

Join as a participant receiving a review, as well as an observer to glean wisdom from your the work of your fellow artists.  Each of the three sessions will only have 8 spots for review participants to submit their work for Amanda to offer digital mock up suggestions for one painting.  Community observers can purchase discounted tickets to watch and learn!

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October 14th, 18th, 21st and November 1st, 2023

Visionary art, the art of visions, can be traced back to some of the first mark making found in caves throughout the world. It is an essential part of our nature to depict our inner realms and experiences so that others can both share in our interdimensional space as well as follow us there. What are the creatures that inhabit this space? From Dragons, Unicorns, Harpies and Sea Monsters to yet unnamed Chimera, mythical creatures live in the wilderness of experience and the wilds of our psyches. 

For this class, students will select one Visionary Beast to paint. We will focus on anatomy and references to render a life-like mythical creature using the Mische Technique.

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October 20th, November 4th and December 3rd, 2023

Workshop participants form a system in which we are evolving the self and whole, we center life by focusing on the process.

By encountering the mystery of soul we can harness the energy of transformation at the collective and individual levels using embodiment exercises to create new choice which is experienced as freedom, liberating oppressed energies and clearing feelings of powerlessness which come from attempts to over-control the creative process.  Inner resilience helps us come back to the canvas, page, or stage when we fall short of our highest intention to contribute to a joyful and meaningful life for ourselves and the communities we live and work in with an attitude of care.

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October 22nd and November 19th, 2023

Join enigmatic artist and designer Harlan Emil Gruber on an in-depth journey exploring his life’s work to ultimately create future environments in harmony with all life and the Earth.

In this two part lecture series, Harlan will go into detail on all the subjects covered in his recently self-published book “Portal to the New Earth: Sound, Sacred geometry & Earth Grid Energies for Personal & Planetary Transformation” and even more information that wasn’t able to be included.

  • Part I:  Sacred Geometry and the Nature of Reality
  • Part II:  Conceiving Future Environments
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November 11th, 15th, 18th and 29th, 2023

"Dynamic Compositions" was designed to guide you through the process of making a beautiful abstract expressionist painting. Seth McMahon will offer his favorite compositions and color schemes, so that students can choose what type of painting they would like to make. He will teach his most efficient and effective layering processes. This involves the use of acrylic paint, glazing medium and semi transparent spray paint. We will be focusing on how to achieve depth in an image, as well as exploring the hyper-dimensional space of multi-point perspectives.

This is a class that can be a useful and fun challenge for all skill levels, but its knowledge is particularly useful for those interested in becoming Live Painters.

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