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The Alchemical Memory Palace with Kevin Campeau

The Session Kevin Campeau will be leading is an introduction to Inner Journeying using the Trifold Approach and combining this approach with the creation of one's own Alchemical Memory Palace within the imagination.

The Trifold Approach to Inner Journeying is a three-step process which includes visualization and using your other inner senses to travel within your own imaginal spaces. With it, you can learn to perceive, recognize and decrypt your own personal symbolic language as you intuit the meanings of the things that you encounter in those spaces. You can also use Inner Journeying as part of the basis of dialoguing with spiritual guides.

As we journey, Kevin will have you meet your own personal spiritual guide or guides and then arrive to your own foundational Alchemical Memory Palace located within your imaginal realm. With your guide you will begin to explore and get to know what your Memory Palace looks and feels like and discover some of the potentials which may be located within it.

The idea of creating a Memory Palace for storing and recalling units of information is not new, techniques for doing so have been around for literally thousands of years. Although that is the case, using spatial memory like this is not at all common during this day-in-age for most people. Developing the capacity to engage with it effectively is time intensive and time is often treated as our most valuable personal commodity. However, for one who is interested in exploring the depths of their own imaginal spaces and who has the patience to try it out, with dedication this technique can become an invaluable asset and resource towards fortifying your creative imagination.

With it and in conjunction with Inner Journeying and its aspect of creative writing and record-keeping, you can train your inner senses to perceive and sustain holding inner spaces, mental objects and forms and other sensual impressions in your memory with relative clarity. In this case, rather than using this technique to simply recall basic everyday ideas, Kevin will instead introduce it as a way of interfacing more directly with your creative and spiritual intuition, as a kind of psychic hub and relay.

Your Alchemical Memory Palace can be a nest, a sanctuary, an inner home for you to constantly return to and transform within. It can be a storehouse of spiritual realizations and contemplations. It can be a central point of distribution of your intentional and creative imaginal activities, a fount of creativity.

This session will be a beginners guide, a basic how-to, and Kevin is going to make it as easy to understand as possible as we go along. Do not feel overwhelmed if these kinds of ideas or approaches are new to you. 

As long as you have an imagination and a will you are good to go!


This journey is recorded and available for you to watch at your own pace.