Creative Empowerment - November 4, 2023

6 - 10 pm CET
12 - 4 pm ET
9 am - 1 pm PT

Access deeper levels of consciousness through quantum alchemy, learn mindfulness techniques for awakening your connection to the Earth, become a peace activist with your own healing practice.

All within an inclusive, trauma informed community of practice. Improve your meditation, mindfulness, and creative practices and experience deep healing transformation to last a lifetime.

What People Are Saying:

The Ensoulment Process has been such a truly moving experience for me. This is a small container for a lot of feeling that has been stopped up and contained for too long, transforming a sense of separation, suffering, division, conflict, and struggle into an embodied sense of empathy, interbeing, and oneness has really been magical. Veronica provided the safety of a container that gave me courage to do the hard work of looking at myself authentically. I felt a sense of unconditional love in the way she listens and reflects. Her deep wisdom, profound ability to hold space, and kindness toward my inner child has made me feel seen, heard, and known. What a gift. Thank you.

Stephen Bau

Sliding Scale $44-88