ViTra Academy is excited to bring you the unique opportunity to study with visionary art trailblazer, Krystleyez!! 


This course has been remastered and is available for you to watch at your own pace! 

Guiding artists across the ages, SACRED GEOMETRY is a powerful tool for creation. The study of sacred geometry accelerates personal, creative and spiritual growth by offering expanded ways of seeing, connecting and creating in the world. 

For artists, it provides a harmonious design template that can be quickly learned and vastly applied to all artistic practices, as well as an archetypal language to communicate ideas and deeper meaning in one’s work.

This seminar will explore the dynamic balance between structure and flow at the heart of the creative process.

You will learn fundamental sacred geometric principles, methods of construction and applied drawing & painting techniques to help you tap into your limitless creative potential!

Geometric rhythms of energy exist within the tiniest of atoms and greatest of galaxies, unifying everything from molecular structures, to crystals, snowflakes, flowers, animals, and human beings. Observing creation with this expanded awareness, Krystleyez appreciates how the same guiding force behind a hurricane also spins galaxies and why this same spiral is evidenced within each individual. Unlocking harmonious possibilities within divine proportions, her paintings reflect timeless wisdom embedded within an eloquent tapestry of the universe.

​​Suggested Materials:

  • Mixed-media sketchbook (11” x 17” or larger recommended)
  • 6” Compass
  • 12”- 18” Ruler (clear ruler recommended)
  • Protractor
  • Mechanical pencil
  • Fine point micron pen(s) - different sizes are helpful!
  • Eraser
  • Various mediums of choice: colored pencils/ fine point markers, paint markers, pastels, etc. acrylic paint + brushes workable fixative glazing medium   

Optional Materials:

  • Canvas (canvas board is best for a hard surface but stretched canvas works too)
  • T-square ruler
  • Circle template
  • Triangle rulers (45 degree and 30/60 degree)




“My purpose as an artist is multifaceted, yet clear:


To be a prism of vision and instrument of light to awaken consciousness through artistic insight.”

Krystle Marie Smith, otherwise known as “Krystleyez”, is a visionary artist who harnesses the power of art as a vehicle for personal and collective transformation. Painting cosmic maps into the interconnected nature of existence, her artwork navigates the way between heart, mind, and spirit.

Born into a lineage of artists, Krystle discovered her love, passion and “calling” as an artist as a young child. The daughter of an ambitious architect, she fondly recalls drawing next to him as he hand-rendered his blueprints. Witnessing the metamorphosis of his designs into physical, monolithic structures ingrained within her the power of imagination to shape the world in which we live.  Her grandmothers, both painters, also instilled in her a deep appreciation for the magic of artistic expression. 

Her creative process mirrors a natural tendency in her being…to connect the dots. Identifying threads of connection between nature, sacred geometry and countless subjects studied by humankind, her artwork transcends boundaries of separation by revealing fundamental patterns of unity. Gathering inspiration from the enrapturing beauty of nature, metaphysics, mystical experiences, ancient civilizations, meditation and music, she illustrates a celestial language of Oneness.

Catalyzing the evolution of her artwork, a symbol of immense power and beauty intuitively emerged on her canvas in 2005. She discovered a network of circles to be distinguished as the Flower of Life: a template with a deeply embedded history, including its inscription in pyramid walls and its expression in numerous world cultures. This insight led her to an awareness of sacred geometry and the essential patterns from which all life springs.

Krystleyez also works as a live-performance painter in order to bring art to the public eye in a unique and dynamic way. Painting onstage at concerts and festivals across the world for over a decade, she creates work saturated with sound and unfolded through the raw moment. Live art allows an audience to witness the evolution of a work in progress, offering an invitation to expand the perception of painting from a static image to a living, breathing process. 

In 2011, she won a sponsorship to be the “ambassador” for visionary art at Chimbre healing center in Peru. In 2013, she was the honorary international artist for an art tour in Australia hosted by Mosaic Vision Productions. She has also performed and exhibited art at international events including Cosmic Convergence Festival in Guatemala, Envision Festival in Costa Rica and countless live performances across the United States. In addition to live painting, she’s painted murals in Peru, Chile and the US, including her notable contribution to the "Mushroom Cafe” mural at COSM in New York.

Krystle graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BFA in 2007. Currently based in Milwaukee, she has exhibited at galleries in Wisconsin, California, Colorado and Arizona and her work can be found in private collections across the US.


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