Meditative Arts

are an invitation to

celebrate our innate gift

of creativity. 

Every other Monday from September 26 - November 28 we will dive deep into a guided meditation to help ground our energy and to help free ourselves emotionally for creative expression. Our meditation will be followed by our shared creative time for art-making while listening to specially curated music.

In the act of creating,

we intentionally turn our attention inward

to the mind-body connection, the internal journey and the organic flow of the process, letting the tactile experience of creation be at the center. We will close our creative time together with a relaxing guided meditation.

Together, we will co-create a space for artistic expression

that is free from judgment and an attachment to outcome


Including but not limited to:

1. Supplies for painting

  • an assortment of acrylic or oil paint
  • paint brushes and a canvas/ primed paper

2. OR Supplies for drawing

  • paper or sketchbook
  • an assortment of markers or colored pencils

3. OR Supplies for nature artwork

  • flowers, leaves, small branches, sea shells, stones, crystals and any found objects in nature



 is a visual artist, creative alchemist and architectural designer based in Portland, OR. King began offering Meditative Art sessions as a practice in 2011, for colleagues at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies. This practice began and evolved from their individual spiritual practice and healing journey. Shanita moved to Portland, Oregon a year later and began offering this creative practice throughout the city at various community, yoga and healing spaces.

Shanita has also been practicing yoga for over 20 years, completed a 200-hour RYT yoga teacher training, has a certification in Thai Yoga Massage and studied Anatomy in Motion from the SOLA School of Contemplative Arts.

King and their partner Nikki Daskal recently self-published a Meditative Arts Coloring book, “Journey Into Heart”. This book is focused on self-love and is the first of a Meditative Arts Coloring Book series. The second book is near completion, and centered on Sustainable Self-Care for Activists.

In 2018, King was cast in a documentary film, “Who’s On Top”. King, and the all LBGTQ+ cast, shared personal obstacles and challenge they have overcome while training to summit Mt. Hood. In conjunction with the film, King has been given several opportunities to participate in panel discussions and speak about topics they are passionate about including inclusivity in nature and the sacredness of nature.

Shanita is also a co-heart of the Design Science Studio, an international incubator of artist and creators focused on creating regenerative design and positive social change for all beings and the Earth. Together they have co-created online galleries and immersive experiences still available to the public.



  • Sept 26, 2022
  • Oct 10 & 24, 2022  
  • November 7 & 28, 2022 


7-9 pm Eastern 

4-6pm Pacific 

10am - 12pm AEST (+1day)

*Please check your local time zones.  

This lecture will be hosted on a Zoom call that participants will receive when they register.  All sessions are recorded and available for replay for all participants.