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 Are you stuck on a painting and not sure how to continue?

Do you want to take a painting further but not sure how?

Are you ready to take your artistic journey to the next level?


Unleash your creativity...

Refine your skills...

Elevate your artistry...

Join us for an inclusive Masterclass Review series, where you'll gain invaluable insights into Amanda's techniques, inspirations, and creative process.

Here you will have the opportunity to submit one of your works-in-progress for a live review with Amanda. 

If you are not able to submit your work for review, we recommend you come as a Community Observer.

We all learn so much from these sessions! 

Limited Seats Available:


Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to learn from a true master of the art world.

Secure your spot now and prepare to embark on a transformative artistic adventure!

What to Expect:

Each class will be approximately 3 hrs long beginning with unique 45 min presentations on process, the development of an image and examples of problem solving in Amanda's own work.  

The following 2 hours will be dedicated to reviews.

For each  Master Class Review, there will only be 8 Review spots, with the option of joining in the audience as a Community Observer.

Each participants review will last about 15 minutes and will include feedback and digital edits of 1 painting that you will submit ahead of time through a form which will be emailed to you upon registration.

Amanda will make digital edits on procreate which will offer you a step by step video to offer insight for how to apply her advice.  These will be completed before class so you have the opportunity to speak with her one on one after you have seen her suggestions based on your questions.  Scroll down to see examples of students work in progress submissions, watch Amanda's edit workflow videos, and see students completed pieces after incorporating her guidance below. 

** It is preferable that the artists being reviewed be present LIVE in class so you can interact with Amanda.

There are 2 ways to attend:

  1. Submit a painting for review by purchasing a Review Ticket.
  2. Join in to learn from the suggestions by purchasing a Community Observer Ticket.

All classes recordings will be available afterwards for those that can not attend live.

All Review Tickets will receive digital copies of their time-lapse files of the edited work.

Attend 1 review
or join all 3!

1x Review Participant Ticket - $88

1x Community Observer Ticket - $44

3x Community Ticket - $99



Saturday, October 7th, 2023

6 - 9pm Central European

12 - 3pm Eastern

9am -12pm Pacific

Friday, November 3rd, 2023

8 - 11pm Eastern

5 - 8pm Pacific

10am - 1pm Australian Eastern (+1 DAY)


Saturday, December 2nd, 2023

6 - 9pm Central European

12 - 3pm Eastern

9am -12pm Pacific


🎨 In-Depth Analysis: Discover the intricate details of Amanda Sage's masterpieces as she breaks down her techniques step by step. Understand her use of color, texture, composition, and symbolism.

🗣️ Insightful Commentary: Amanda will provide insightful commentary on her own works, revealing the thought processes behind her creations. Learn about the stories each painting tells and how to infuse your own artwork with meaning.

🔍 Critique Sessions: Participate in interactive critique sessions where Amanda will review select works submitted by participants. Receive personalized feedback and guidance to refine your skills and enhance your artistry.

🌎 Global Community: Connect with like-minded artists from around the world. Share ideas, exchange experiences, and grow together in a supportive and nurturing environment.

🔥 Ignite Your Creativity: Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, Amanda's expertise will inspire you to push your boundaries and explore new horizons in your creative journey.

Example of student work with digital edit suggestions from Amanda:

Niko Lehtola

Niko is an artist from Finland who has studied with Amanda online in 2022.
To see more of his work go HERE


Akemi Alchemy

Akemi is based in Los Angeles and first started studying with Amanda and the ViTra Academy online in 2020.

She has progressed quickly and to see her beautiful work go HERE.

Testimonial from Akemi:

Amanda’s hands-on guidance helped me see so many new ways in which I could level up my artwork, from drawing out more accurate proportions and balanced compositions to showing inspiring suggestions for color combinations and new elements I wouldn't have thought of otherwise. Through her digital edits, she also illustrated to me exactly how I could "go deeper with the whites” in my underpainting, which went a long way to demystify the elusive Mischtechnik for me!

Join us for a deep dive into the world of painting with renowned artist,

Amanda Sage


Amanda Sage


Amanda Sage is an artist driven to contribute to the development of regenerative culture by using painting as a tool for transformation within the individual and collective.

Her paintings represent multidimensional aspects of humanness in harmonious balance, inspiring a re-membering of an energetic inter-connectedness that is present and shared with all things.

In 1997 she apprenticed for 2 years in classical painting techniques with Michael Fuchs in Vienna Austria. This led to becoming a painting assistant to Ernst Fuchs, founder of Fantastic Realism, for 10 years while developing her own style and portfolio as a resident artist at the culture house WUK in Vienna.

Since 2009 she has been based in Los Angeles and influential in networking artists and initiatives while hosting workshops, lecturing and exhibiting worldwide. Her work is mostly in private collections with some pieces also in the permanent collection of the Kirkland Museum in Denver, Colorado. In 2021 she contributed to a collaborative project with Meow Wolf Las Vegas and opened her first solo museum exhibit at the Mesa Contemporary Art Museum in Arizona.

In 2014 together with designer Shabnam Q, the 'Amanda Sage Collection' was launched online. An independent fashion label leading the frontier of visionary art and fashion. "Wearable visionary art, made with love from threads of light". 

She is on the board of directors of CoSM (Chapel of Sacred Mirrors) Alex & Allyson Grey’s art sanctuary in New York where she also leads annual painting intensives with her partner Joe Bob Merritt. They have also pioneered painting retreats in Eco-Villages such as Paradise One, Byron Bay Australia and Punta Mona, Costa Rica. She was instrumental in initiating the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art in 2012 and in 2022 opened the ViTra Academy online with her colleague Alecia Sacred Heart.

Since 2011 she has had an obsession with Trains, seeing them as vehicles of transformation capable of carrying the creative genius of humanity back on the tracks that brought imperialist civilization to the end of the western frontier, on a journey of healing and remembrance of our inter-connectivity with all of life.

On March 24th, 2020 she launched the Non-Stop Vision Train Global Art Jam on Zoom with a collective of her students from all over the world. With the intention to strengthen community and create a supportive environment where artists could be alone together and encourage each other to go deeper with their work than ever before.

When not traveling she can be found in one of her studios in Los Angeles, Vienna Austria or Gunnison Colorado.


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