Deepen your ENGAGEMENT 

with your UNIQUE inner system


by practicing POETIC PLAY.


In the beginning was the Word, 

and the Word was God,

and we were made in the Image—


I am, and you are,

the Image of the Word…

Hear, feel, taste, tease & move your visions into becoming

while developing your own Mystery rites of creative practice

By engaging the fullness of our awareness in relationship with the Page,

we will tune our creative apparatus to more readily dance the line

between improvisation and meditation,

to sing the songs nestled between

dreaming & doing,

receiving & reciting


Playing somewhere in the confluence of the rivers of oracle, improvisation games, forum theatre, poetry & automatic writing, dream-weaving, somatic sensing & nature-wandering, Lisette draws on her deep well of creative gamification and visionary practices to foster the growth of your mythopoetic voice in this unique writing, drawing & creative process course.  

Walk together to the tangled borderlands between the Image and the Word, between your body and the tide of boundless magic we call the Blank Page. 

Dive Deep:

Between live sessions you will receive an abundance of weekly invitations to further journey into the fertile soil of your unique visionary capacity.  You choose how deep to take the practice across the ten week course container with themed writing, illustration & meditation prompts, physical world quests & creative games intended to fill your sketchbooks and feed your creative process for life.

Lisette will also support your practice with original immersive audio journeys & meditative soundscapes.  Download & replay these original sonic explorations developed specifically to promote your visionary practice.


Behold. Be Held:

Enter a sacred container of creative process.  Together we will weave a story-dream with regular participation and collective feedback. Witness & be witnessed by an accountable community of fellow visionaries during in-class sharing and regular online forum discussion threads intended to deepen our conversation and spark new visions.  Feel the resonance and feed kindling into the fires of one another’s Discovery.

Perfect for artists looking to generate & expand their unique mythic lexicon

for an existing creative practice,

those interested in visual storytelling & graphic memoir,

or those simply seeking to get free & be amazed

by their own Mystery in new, abundant forms.


  • A dedicated journal at least 8.5"x11"

  • Loose leaf paper or index cards

  • Pencils

  • Pens 

  • Color-making materials



  • September 22, 2022

  • October 6 & 20, 2022

  • November 3 & 17, 2022



    7-9 pm Eastern 

    4-6pm Pacific 

    10am - 12pm AEST (+1day)

    *Please check your local time zones.  

    This lecture will be hosted on a Zoom call that participants will receive when they register.  All sessions are recorded and available for replay for all participants. 



Lisette Murphy is a second generation visionary artist and advanced-stage cancer survivor living and working in the Pacific Northwest. She is a contributing member of the Vision Train, is the founder & host of The Art of Dying Creative Death Cafe, and regularly offers workshops, talks and courses in experimental animation, new media & creative gamification.

Lisette received a 2008 Princess Grace Award Honorarium for Film resulting in her third independent animation focusing on women, cycles and freedom- core themes she continues to explore and expand in traditional, digital and time-based media.

She has screened at the Toronto Visionary Art Exhibit, South Beach International Animation Festival, the Boston Underground Film Festival, the Women Action Media Film Festival, the 48 Hour Film Festival, the Berlin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and the North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival along with several screenings with her alma mater.

Lisette holds a BFA from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA in Film & Animation.

"My work is an ongoing, multi-disciplinary exploration of my path through trauma to wellness. Tender and often haunting self-portraiture and animation seek to open lines of dialogue with my past and future selves, creating a theatre for deep healing."


- Lisette Murphy