Earth, Air, Fire & Water

are universal powerful tools that are always available to us

but we don’t always see their potential.

We will open the space with a prayer to the directions,

and Florence Cuepaliztli will lead you through a breathing technique

she created to connect with each of the four elements.

Through a deep journey within,

you will get in touch with

Earth, Air, Fire, and Water,

make them your allies

in healing your body

and feel them through your soul.


We will ask them to show their

true potential

to us and guide us

into our creative lives

with clear intentions.


After the journey, we will take time to integrate the experience by drawing what came through and giving space for a quick sharing.

Florence Cuepaliztli had already felt the call of the elements years ago when she painted the Mandala of the Four Elements and created a whole journey around it.


As a Moondancer for the last five years, she has worked with Earth, Air, Fire and Water on a deep level as a medicine, participating in sweatlodges, being part of the Singing group around the Mother Drum, and carrying an element through the night as a prayer for our planet Earth.

She would now love to share what she has learned over the years with you.


Please make sure that you will be in a quiet and undisturbed place during the whole time of the workshop to be really present.

  Sunday, May 29, 2022

6pm - 8 pm CET

12 - 2 pm ET

9 - 11 am PT

   *Please check your local time zones. 

This will be hosted on a Zoom call that participants will receive when they register.  All sessions are recorded and available for replay for all participants. 


Suggested Materials

  • Little objects to represent the four elements on your altar, for example:
  • A flower, plant, piece of wood, something that speaks to you to represent Earth Incense, a conch, a flute, or any other object you might think of to represent Air
  • A bowl of water for Water
  • A candle for Fire
  • A sketchbook, pencil, eraser, coloured pencils, or any other material of your choice to do little sketches of the elements that came through in the journey.


Born in France, Florence obtained a university degree in Business Management and then studied Art History. After a career in tourism, she became Ernst Fuchs’ personal assistant in the year 2000, without knowing that she would be an artist herself one day. Upon her return to Paris, she began a long career in Communications, specializing as a Press Liaison and Events Manager in the Arts.

In 2013, she co-founded The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art with her husband Laurence Caruana. Inspired by all the Visionary Artists around her, she decided to start painting and she hasn’t stopped since then, exploring her inner world, and exhibiting in France, England, Austria, Columbia, Russia and Spain.

Over the years, she’s been discovering the powerful tool of Inner Journeying with Kevin Campeau and Roel Crabbé, and then guiding herself the students of The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art into inner journeys, adding her own touch, using her shamanic drum and other instruments for sound healing. She has recently been taking online classes with Sandra Ingerman to deepen her knowledge of shamanic inner journeying.

In 2018 she felt the call to participate in the Moondance in Austria, a spiritual ceremony where, for four nights, the women fast, participate in sweatlodges, and sing in several languages while dressed in their traditional white robes. This ceremony is a prayer for our Mother Earth, for Peace, for the four Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, for our ancestors and for the spirit guardians of the seven directions. In 2021, Florence received her spiritual name at the Moondance : Cuepaliztli, meaning “Transformation”!


JOURNEY into the FOUR ELEMENTS with Florence Cuepaliztli Ménard