Gain the confidence and deep trust to share your radical revolutionary visions with the world. 



Are you learning to experience more belonging, purpose, and joy in your life?


Is it time to stop feeling shy about leading?


Do you feel ready to make a bigger contribution to society by following your soul mission, transforming your own shadow on behalf of the collective along the way?


Leverage your own soul healing to evolve as a creator and expand your capacity as an innovator. Together we are called forward in service to the regenerative global transformation, we invite you to step fully into your creative power!


Join us October 20, November 4, and December 1, 2023 for an unforgettable experience of ensoulment.


Join us for a creative adventure in which you'll experience the depths of your own being surrounded by kin who are devoted to healing with the world soul. 


On an intimate journey with visionary architect and ensoulment coach, Veronica Anderson, you'll explore :
  • Deep Design
  • Inner + Outer architecture
  •  Culture Creation   
 ... All within an inclusive, trauma informed community of practice.  Improve your meditation, mindfulness, and creative practices, and experience deep healing transformation to last a lifetime. 
Stabilizing climate is possible, but not without a shift in consciousness. Proliferating native, biodiverse ecosystems and reducing pollution is something anyone can take part in, but without individual wellbeing it's hard to care for collective wellbeing. Top down solutions are championed as the way to avert climate disaster, but bottom up contribution is equally important to creating our sustainable future.
  • Deep inner experience of transforming resistance, blocks, and limitations into clarity, connection, and freedom which paves the way toward empowerment and creativity
  • Enhanced sense of self and your role as part of the transformation of the collective whole
  • Stronger feelings of belonging to a burgeoning movement of regenerators working on sustainable futures
  • Confidence to act from your own essence and deep connection with nature
  • Stronger connection to the source of energy and knowledge within you and tools to help you remember and realign with your power more easily
  • Understand how your unique gifts can bring communities together and strengthen society


This journey is a master class on self care for planetary healing and the strength it takes to move from the heart during the creative process.

  • Trauma & Systems Change
  • Safety
  • Sovereignty
  • Power = Energy + Choice 



It’s time to nurture yourself like never before.


Trauma and Systems Change

    • Self Creation
    • Co-Evolving Self & Systems 
    • Regulation
    • Presence


  • Mindfulness 
  • Choice


    • Energy
    • Masculine / Feminine
    • Child / Mother / Father

Power = energy + choice

    • Higher Power / Source / Creator
    •   Release Self Doubt, Grief, Shame


    • Feed the Feminine First
    • Quantum Alchemy 
    •  Breath Awareness


    • Soul Geometry 
    • Inner Child Activation
    • Meditation
    • Yoga



 >> Your own soul journey is the stage on which planetary healing and justice can play out.


>>> Access deeper levels of consciousness through quantum alchemy, learn mindfulness techniques for awakening your connection to the Earth, become a peace activist with your own healing practice.

Watch our interview with Amanda Sage and Veronica Anderson



Friday, October 20,
Saturday, November 4,
Friday, December 1, 2023
6 - 10 pm Central European
12 - 4 pm Eastern
9 am - 1 pm Pacific 
All classes will be recorded and available to you within 24 hours.  You will receive workshop and call information via email. 

You can hit all the right notes

but if there’s no soul in your work because you’re not going all the way in,

really going there,

  taking us to the depths of emotion which move your creation,

have you accomplished your work as the creator?



Workshop participants form a system in which we are evolving the self and whole, we center life by focusing on the process.

By encountering the mystery of soul we can harness the energy of transformation at the collective and individual levels using embodiment exercises to create new choice which is experienced as freedom, liberating oppressed energies and clearing feelings of powerlessness which come from attempts to overcontrol the creative process.

Inner resilience helps us come back to the canvas, page, or stage when we fall short of our highest intention to contribute to a joyful and meaningful life for ourselves and the communities we live and work in with an attitude of care.

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Veronica Anderson is an artist healer and entrepreneur who has been working in the design and healing industries for more than fifteen years. Her long-time study and practice of the mystical sciences, guided by teachers such as vietnamese Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, led her to create a transdisciplinary practice she calls Deep Design which spans the realms of personal and planetary healing. The focus of this work is Ensoulment, which is an evolutionary process visionary leaders of next culture can undertake as part of the regenerative change taking place at a global level.

Veronica has deep expertise in the realm of personal transformation which she applies to be a guide for socially-oriented creatives and healers who are willing to be the change. Her wide range of experience in the architecture and development sector building sacred temples and regenerative communities serves as a practical foundation for the theory of inner architecture which emphasizes the use of mindfulness as key to social transformation and creative empowerment.

She holds Bachelors of Architecture and Masters in Geodesign degrees, has completed four years of mystery school training, and has received numerous yogic and shamanic initiations. When she’s not cooking delicious meals for her family, walking in nature, or watching a Marvel movie, you can find her teaching quantum alchemy and mindfulness classes in Costa Rica where she’s lived for the past six years.

Veronica's Website
Read "Regenerist" on Substack


- Cassie -

“Working with Veronica helped me to grow in all the ways that I sought, and some that I hadn't anticipated. She was an invaluable guide for me as I uncovered deeper layers of my purpose and evolved spiritually. I highly recommend Veronica as a trauma-informed, competent, and compassionate coach to anyone looking to make meaningful change in themselves and the world around them.”

- Stephen -

“The Ensoulment Process has been such a truly moving experience for me. This is a small container for a lot of feeling that has been stopped up and contained for too long, transforming a sense of separation, suffering, division, conflict, and struggle into an embodied sense of empathy, interbeing, and oneness has really been magical. Veronica provided the safety of a container that gave me courage to do the hard work of looking at myself authentically. I felt a sense of unconditional love in the way she listens and reflects. Her deep wisdom, profound ability to hold space, and kindness toward my inner child has made me feel seen, heard, and known. What a gift. Thank you.”

- Sajan -

“Veronica has helped me to gain a strong footing in being okay as I am. Helping me to take an honest look at myself, even the aspects that I don’t normally share openly. I found a safe space in the container we created to go deep, peeling back of layers of pride and ego. We met each week by tuning into an energetic level that I learned to become fully aware of on my own, to not only sense it within myself, but to love and be compassionate towards myself beyond guilt and shame. The biggest takeaway I can give to someone interested in stepping into their fullest potential, is the advice to go “all-in.” When I put my ego down at the door, I built up the confidence that by surrendering I was actually gaining. Having that shared space with Veronica gave me the time to ask the questions I’ve always wanted to ask, and the answers that came, came from an inner knowing. Having stepped into sovereignty means that I have found my voice in this world, and the confidence to be my real Self.

 - Frances -

What I liked most about this experience was the ability to be open and vulnerable in this group whilst being held space for so authentically and lovingly. Her energy is one of peace, authenticity, genuine care, understanding, compassion, and love, unlike any other I have ever experienced. I have had the opportunity to be in Veronica's presence while she facilitated worshops in healing and regenerative community building, and the elderly wisdom and spirit of honor and humility she embodies is a rare find. I am grateful and honored for her presence in my life.

- Katie -

“After doing some difficult soul-searching, I reached out to Veronica for some much-needed advice. Her careful, compassionate guidance allowed me to see what was right under my nose; a bold path forward that will connect me with what my soul craves most in this world. To feel so deeply heard and deeply seen during a moment of uncertainty in my life meant the world to me. I feel like a fog has been lifted!”

- Ed -

“Your guidance changed my life! I used to constantly overthink everything, I lacked clarity of what I wanted, I used to feel guilty all the time, doubting myself and simply feeling unworthy of anything. I didn't really understand myself and although I had many close friends, family, kids, partner etc… my relationships were all superficial, nothing deep or meaningful. I remember the sensation of feeling lost in my own self, not understanding my own emotions and constantly judging myself and others. I am no longer that person, and it makes me so happy to be who I am today!!

In 40 years, you are the person who has helped me the most in terms of understanding my own emotions and learning how to deal with them. It felt like I opened the window to let the sun and breeze enter my life.

I felt like I could really trust you with my true self, even if I myself was uncomfortable with it. The world of mindfulness you helped me experience feels as if I had moved my soul into a completely new person. I am still me, but my reality is completely different now. And I love it!!! The whole world makes more sense to me now. Understanding myself better has not only helped me feel better with who I am, but has significantly improved my relationship with others. I no longer feel the need to be liked or accepted because I know my worth. I now feel calibrated with my own self.”



"May all that is unforgiven in you be released. May your fears yield their deepest tranquillities. May all that is unlived in you blossom into a future graced with love."


John O'Donohue, 'To Bless the Space Between Us: A Book of Blessings'


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