Join us for a transformative Full Moon Inner Journey to immerse yourself into the core of your being and get in touch with Mother Earth.

Then, bring back the gifts and tools

that will help you on your creative path.


 What would you like to bring into your life?

What would you like to release?


Which direction

would you like

to take in your

creative path?


We’ll set our personal intentions and creative resolutions, then ask the spirits of earth, air, fire and water to help us clarify our path. 

After a short presentation on the Moondance ceremony
and its ritual sweat lodges,
Florence Cuepaliztli will combine drumming, voice and traditional Moondance songs to lead you on a closed-eye vision journey into the womb of the sweat lodge -
the sacred source where transformation happens.
   The purpose of the sweat lodge is to sweat in the dark, releasing toxins from both the body and mind to purify ourselves. Once we re-emerge, it feels like we’ve been born again, a revitalized person with renewed energy.
As an experienced Moondancer, Florence Cuepaliztli has felt the power of this ancient ritual and will share it with you in your own safe space. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already experienced the actual ritual of a sweat lodge. Together, we’ll dive into an enclosed space to imagine the ritual from within - so surrender yourself and let yourself be guided.
After the journey, we’ll take the time to write down our experiences and draw the images that emerged from this deep meditation. We’ll also hold collective space for a quick sharing circle.


  • Your favorite altar objects to create your sacred space
  • A glass of water
  • A candle 
  • A notebook and/or sketchbook,
  • a pencil, eraser,
  • coloured pencils, or
  • any material for making quick sketches of what comes through in the journey.


 This journey will be hosted on a Zoom call that participants will receive after they register.  All sessions are recorded and available for six months. 


Sunday October 9th, 2022 

7 - 10 pm Central European

1 - 4 pm Eastern

10 am - 1 pm Pacific 


*Please check your local time zones.  

**Please prepare a quiet and undisturbed place in your home for the whole of the workshop, in order to be fully present and receive the healing of this journey.


Florence Cuepaliztli Ménard was born in Le Mans, France in 1972 and earned a university degree in Business Management before beginning her career in tourism.

In the year 2000, she became the personal assistant of Ernst Fuchs, founder of The Vienna School of Fantastic Realism. Upon her return to Paris, she began a long career in Communications, specializing as a Press Liaison and Events Manager in the Arts, while also studying Art History at the Ecole du Louvre.

 In 2013, she co-founded The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art with her husband Laurence Caruana. Inspired by the Visionary artists around her, she began painting at the age of 41 and has never looked back, enthusiastically exploring her inner world of visions while honing her craft with each painting.

While living in Vienna, she began her initiation into Inner Journeying with Kevin Campeau and Roel Crabbé. After years of journeying on her own, she started guiding the students of The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art on inner journeys, visualizations, and meditations on their paintings, accompanied by shamanic drumming and other instruments for sound healing. She also took online classes with Sandra Ingerman to deepen her knowledge of the shamanic path.

In 2018 she felt the call to participate in the Moondance in Austria, a spiritual ceremony where, for four nights, over 200 women fast, participate in sweatlodges, dance under the full moon and sing sacred songs while dressed in their traditional white robes. This ceremony is a prayer for our Mother Earth, for Peace, for the Four Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, for our Ancestors and for the Spirit Guardians of the Seven Directions. At the 2021 Moondance, Florence received her spiritual name: CUEPALIZTLI, meaning “Transformation.”

The artist now lives in Burgundy France where she continues to explore a variety of painting techniques while deepening her shamanic work. She loves gardening and has taken classes on Permaculture to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle with her family. She takes time to be in Nature to reconnect with herself, and loves going on long walks around the beautiful hills of Burgundy with her husband and their 13 year old son.

 As a teacher, she has started sharing her gifts with others  - offering Inner Journeys through online workshops, and transmitting the love of creating to children through individual and classroom instruction (to make sure that they never lose their inner child as they grow up…).

Florence Cuepaliztli Ménard has exhibited her work in France (Chimeria in Sedan), England (House of Alchemy in Brighton), Austria (Homage to Ernst Fuchs at Galerie 10, SGEM Conference at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, and The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art), Columbia (Water Wisdom Convergence in Aguaniles), Russia (Visionary Art Award and Visionary Art Trip in Moscow) and Spain (Visionarium near Barcelona).  

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